Membership Privileges

The Japan-America Society of St. Louis is open to all individuals, corporations and other organizations interested in Japan and United States-Japan relations. Benefits of membership for individuals and corporations include:

o Invitations at member rates to receptions, lectures, seminars and other events sponsored by the Society.

o Activities designed to offer Japanese and Americans an opportunity to meet their counterparts and for JAS members to provide hospitality to Japanese people in St. Louis.

o Recognition of members in written materials and receipt of the Society’s newsletter which reports on Society activities and other Japan-related events in St. Louis.

o Opportunities to meet distinguished Japanese and American officials, community leaders and other special visitors.

o Special events and cultural programming to promote understanding of Japanese and American customs.

o JAServices: A variety of important and valuable services for US and Japanese firms.

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About Japan America Society of St. Louis

The Japan-America Society of St. Louis was founded to study and promote a better understanding by the people of the United States of America and the people of Japan of the art, literature and cultural ideals, aspirations and development of each nation. It does not concern itself in any way with the internal politics or international policies of either nation. It strives to encourage friendly personal relations between individuals of the two nations as they may meet, either as members of the society, or in residing or traveling in either country and to promote mutually beneficial commerce and trade.