by 臼井愛代 from 花の昼 (Itoyo Usui is the author of 花の昼, collection of haiku published in 2009.)  


Wind is a condor
Plunging forward to nowhere
Screaming and screaming
 -by Wendy Feltham (Wendy Feltham is a dedicated student of Japan and is a retired school principal. She composed this haiku when she was in 4th grade.)

The cat looks at me
Big round eyes so innocent
The vase knocked over
-by Linda Austin


Crescent moon so high
I hear my mother singing
An old lullaby
      -by Linda Austin (She is the author of Poems that Comes to Mind, published in October 2012.) 

      -by  玄廣  (Buddhist priest)

 -by Hisako Matsuo (She is Professor of Sociology at Saint Louis University.)

Autumn sky I see
shining in the bus window
two suns just as bright

-by Chris Born (He is a Ph. D. candidate in the East Asian Language and Culture Program at Washington University in St. Louis.)

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