What is Ikebana?

Ikebana (生け花) is the Japanese art of flower arrangement that dates back to the 15th century.  Ikebana emphasizes natural beauty of flower materials including the stems and leaves as well as the shapes, lines, and forms.  It expresses the beauty of flower materials using an asymmetric composition, empty space, and the principle of minimalism. Ikebana is also known as “kado” (華道) (the way of flowers), involving the spiritual practice of understanding nature, tranquility, harmony between all living things and oneself.







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Spring 2016:

Each workshop introduces you to a different style of flower arrangement. Beginners are welcome. Workshops are held in instructor’s home (U-City). You will be given directions after your reservation is completed. Larger classes are held in 331 SSB at UMSL.

NOTE: Jiyuka/Freestyle workshop participants are encouraged to purchase the accompanying textbook ($23). A Jiyuka curriculum set is $153 (includes a vase with kenzan and textbook – click here for more information.)

January 10: Shoka Shofutai 生花正風体

January 24: Jiyuka/Freestyle自由花

January 31: Shoka Shinputai 生花新風体

February 7: Jiyuka/Freestyle 自由花

February 21: Shoka Shofutai 生花正風体

March 6: Jiyuka/Freestyle 自由花

March 13: Shoka Shinputai 生花新風体

March 20: Jiyuka/Freestyle 自由花

April 10: Shoka Shofutai 生花正風体

April 24: Jiyuka/Freestyle 自由花

May 8: Shoka Shinputai 生花新風体

May 15: Jiyuka/Freestyle 自由花

May 29: Shoka Shofutai 生花正風体

JAS/JASWA member $10 per session

Non-member $13 per session

(Fees include flowers)

To reserve your seats, send checks (payable to Japan America Society) to:

Japan America Society of St. Louis

366 SSB

UMSL/One University Blvd/St. Louis, MO 63121-4400

To pay with PayPal:

call or email the office at 314 516-5754/ cisjas@umsl.edu

Reservations must accompany payment.