Japanese Activities Committee (JAC)


Pictures from the 2011 Missouri Botanical Garden Japanese Festival are up!!! Please click here to view.

David Lowry – Chairman

In the early 1990’s, when the continuation of the annual Japanese Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden was questioned because the Missouri Botanical Garden was loosing funding from a major corporate contributor, several members of the Japan America Society of St. Louis (JAC) approached the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of St. Louis (JCCI) to seek the help of the Japanese companies in the area to assist in financial support of the festival.  The JCCI agreed to guarantee the costs of the festival performances under the condition that their representatives would be part of a group that would select the program for the festival.  This was acceptable to the Missouri Botanical Garden.  Other conditions of the JCCI were that the group would foster and encourage Japanese cultural activities in the St. Louis Area, and attempt to establish a Japanese Center.  Hence the Japanese Activities Committee (JAC) was established as a committee of the Japan America Society of St. Louis.  Through this committee the Japanese company members and first-generation Japanese people residing in the St. Louis Area would have a voice in the production of the festival, and the Japanese companies would contribute financially toward support of the program. The JAC organization was formed and is still active in producing the annual St. Louis Japanese Festival.

The second goal of the JAC – fostering and encouraging Japanese cultural activities – has evolved with production of the annual Japanese Festival, by which local St. Louis groups provide performances and exhibits at the festival.  During other times of the year some of these groups are available to the community.

The third goal of establishing a Japanese Center has never been realized because of the high costs of building/buying, operation and maintenance of such a facility

Various groups who are members of the JAC are available from time to time for performances.  Some of these ask for a nominal honorarium to cover costs of expenses such as transportation, maintenance of equipment, cleaning of kimonos and costumes, etc.

Contacts for the various groups are as follows:

  • Gaku (Musical ensemble of Japanese koto, shamisen, flute) – Yukiko Quattrocchi
  • 314-842-5291 mrsqshiroba@hotmail.com
  • Ikebana – Yoshiko Mitchell 314-382-2330
  • Kimonos – Hatsuko Eilers 314-849-2836

       or andrew@stltaiko.com