Japan Notes: Special Tohoku Edition

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Japan Notes: Special Edition Tohoku

Long Road to Recovery for Northeast (東北) Japan
by E. Kodama

Tohoku (東北) after 500+ Days
by C. Usui, H. Ishida, and R. Colignon
Ishinomaki (石巻) in June 2012
by U. Segal and T. Anmei
JCIE US Giving Report


Dear Friends,

This special edition of JAPAN NOTES provides an update of recovery efforts in Tohoku.  Three separate individuals/groups from St. Louis went to Japan this summer to see the affected areas of Tohoku.  They witnessed the slow but steady recovery and the challenges the region faces for the future.   Uma Segal, Professor of Social Work at UMSL and her colleague, Professor Tokie Anmei from Tsukuba University, visited Ishinomaki in June.  Edson Kodama, Secretary General of Junior Chamber International, which is headquartered in St. Louis, went to Minamisanrku and Kensennuma in early July.  I traveled with Richard Colignon, Professor of Sociology at Saint Louis University, and my long-time friend, Hiromi Ishida, to Ishinomaki, Onagawa, and Okatsu in late July, 2012.  We hope you enjoy reading our reports.

This special edition of JAPAN NOTES also includes a link to a report entitled JCIE US Giving Report.  It provides a total estimate of Americans’ donations to Japan at $630 Million.  You may recall that the JAS, JASWA, and Japan Society together raised $13,217 last year and sent the collected fund to the Japan Society of New York.  The report indicates that the total money collected by the Japan-America Societies in the U.S. was staggering 24 million (US Giving Report, p. 2).  The Japan Society of New York’s alone raised $12 million and is listed in the single fund chart (also in page 2).

Thank you for keeping hope alive for the people of Tohoku.


Chikako Usui


Japan America Society of St. Louis

Associate Professor of Sociology at UMSL



US Giving Report

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