February 10 @Nobu’s Japanese Restauarnt

February 10, 2013 (5:00 pm) at Nobu’s Japanese Restaurant                

Number of participants: 15

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Drink: Chef’s choice with one free drink

Appetizer: Agedashitofu (揚げだし豆腐)


Nigiri にぎり: maguro (まぐろ tuna), sake (さけ salmon), ikura (イクラ salmon roe), hirame (ヒラメ flounder), ika (イカ squid), ebi (えび  shrimp), hamachi (はまち yellow tail)

Roll 巻き: California roll and Spicy tuna roll

Miso soup

Dessert: Ice cream (green tea or red bean) or Fruit jelly


Nigiri (にぎり or 握り寿司) means “hand-formed sushi” consisting of sushi rice that the chef presses into a small rectangular shape in the palms of the hands, usually with a bit of wasabi (Japanese horseradish) and a slice of fish placed over it.

Roll 巻きor Makizushi (巻寿司 ) is a cylindrical piece, formed with the help of a bamboo mat (called a makisu 巻簾).  Makizushi is generally wrapped in nori (焼きのり seaweed). Ii is usually cut into six or eight pieces.


鉄火巻き  Tuna Roll




Striped Jack (シマアジ)

According to the Tsukiji Seafood Express Projects, Striped Jack (シマアジ) is the most luxurious type of aji (horse mackerel family).



Roll or makizushi

Nori (seaweed)