Wasabi Five – June 5th



Renkon Chips 1 (蓮根1); Tuna Tartare (まぐろ); Salmon Tartare (さけ); Miso Soup(味噌汁)

Sushi Rolls:

Traditional: Kohada 2 (小鰭2)with seasoned rice (oshizushi style)

Modern: California roll with barbequed eel (うなぎ)served with mango sauce

Chef’s Favorite Roll: Crab meat roll topped with salmon. Served with ikura 3

(いくら3)(salmon roe), chopped green onions, capers and



Asian fruit cocktail, including mizu-yokan 4(水羊羹4), lychee,

   azuki red beans, and kanten (agar agar).


1. Renkon Chips (蓮根) – Renkon is a root that comes from the rhizome of the lotus plant. It is often cut into slices and then fried or simmered. It is commonly eaten all over Asia as an appetizer high in fiber and nutrients. In Japan, eating renkon is thought to bring good luck.

2. Kohada () – Kohada (gizzard shad) is a small fish related to the herring. It is a mainstay of Edomae (Tokyo-style) sushi, and it is extremely popular in the Kanto region of Japan.

3. Ikura (いくら) – Ikura is salmon roe. The word “ikura” comes from the Russian word for caviar: “ikra.” Salmon roe is commonly used as bait among fishers in Japan. It is a very popular delicacy and is often served atop white rice.

4. Mizu-Yokan (水羊) – Mizu-yokan is a type of yokan consisting of a high amount of water. It has a gelatin-like texture and consists of red bean paste, sugar, and agar. It is cooled for an extended period of time before served, and is cut into squares. Many people enjoy this dessert in the summer.