Public lecture on “Images of Himiko, Shaman Queen of Ancient History”

Japan America Society Women’s Association

Public lecture on

Images of Himiko, Shaman Queen of Ancient History”

Guest Speaker: Dr. Laura Miller

Ei’ichi Shibusawa-Seigo Arai Endowed Professor of Japanese Studies and

Professor of Anthropology, University of Missouri-St. Louis

June 19, 6:00 pm-7:00 pm (Tuesday)

Grand Glaize Library, Room 2

1010 Meramec Station Rd

Manchester MO  63021

Admission is free. Open to public.

Himiko has been the topic of more books, articles, and media attention than any other woman in Japanese history. A third century ruler of the Yamato confederation, she was described only briefly by Chinese historians. Nevertheless, for centuries she has fascinated scholars and the general public as well. This presentation will survey her representations in history and popular culture.