Sushi Club

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The Sushi Club of St. Louis is for sushi enthusiasts who  enjoy sushi and want to learn more about the culture that surrounds it.  There are different styles of sushi, including traditional, modern, and fusion.  There are many varieties of sushi, including nigiri, makimono, chirashi and oshi-zushi. Sushi is not just raw fish; it is an art.  It has an important place in Japanese culture.  We believe it is important to understand sushi and become educated about sushi.  These are the missions of the Sushi Club.  Membership to the Sushi Club is free.

The concept of the Sushi Club is as follows; people who are interested in sushi become members of the Sushi Club.  All members will be notified via  email about events (they are posted in advance on the JAS website) along with the price of the meal,  location of the restaurant and suggested menu or theme.  Interested members make reservations for the event in advance.  When the event arrives, members gather together and enjoy a pre-set sushi dinner (everyone enjoys the same meal).  At the end of the meal, members evaluate the event based on quality, creativity and value of the menu, as well as the ambiance of the restaurant. We will explore a number of restaurants on the same theme.

Please check out our past events by clicking the links below!!!

June 26, 2012 @Nobu’s Japanese Restaurant

July 12, 2012 @Tokyo Seafood Buffet

September 19, 2012 @Kampai Sushi Bar